Charity Challenge


The Charity Challenge courses that we offer set out to guide and supervise a small team of up to eight 14-16 year olds through preparation for, and completion of a sponsored physical Charitable Challenge.

The Charity Challenge can include entering an established sporting event, such as a 10K run, a Tough Man Competition, or a Cycling Event.  Alternatively participants may decide to organise their own Challenge such as climbing Mount Snowdon for example.

Participants will be encouraged to plan the Charity Challenge away from Bristol to further their experiences, and therefore the Charity Challenge will also be part of a residential trip.

In addition to the Charity Challenge participants will lead on setting up a fundraising event open to the local community.  This can involve arranging a fundraising football tournament, or perhaps a family fun day.  Ultimately the event will be led by participants, and the type of event that will take place will be for the group to decide.

To summarise, the experience for those partaking will include:

  • Planning and partaking in training sessions for the Charity Challenge
  • Completing a Charity Challenge as part of a residential trip
  • Planning and organising a fundraising event
  • Volunteering for their chosen local charity
  • Media training to set up an online blog page to keep a log of experiences and share achievements
  • Health and nutrition sessions with Knowle West Health Associations Community chefs, including cooking

On completion of the Challenge participants will be referred to the National Citizen Service that will be a natural progression offering opportunities for young people to be involved in social action projects, to meet new people, and to gain new experiences.

If you are interested in our Charity Challenge courses please contact Rhianan Lowes on: Tel- 0117 904 3319   Email- or